5 Great Things About 8 Monkeys Yoga Studio

You may think all yoga studios are the same and that they all offer the same services. You know that you can go to the local gym for yoga or choose to take a yoga class at a studio up the road. So what is the difference and why should you choose to go to 8 Monkeys Yoga Studio?

Here are 5 things about 8 Monkeys Yoga studio that make them unique from all of the rest.

1. We are a Boutique style studio!

Our studio is smaller than the gym and smaller than most other yoga studio spaces. We can fit up to 10 students in a class, which has great benefits. Smaller class sizes means more individualized attention to our students. This gives the instructors the opportunity to focus on our students and really give them our full attention.  Smaller classes also gives us the opportunity to come and make our space your space. The nice intimate space allows you to come and feel at home. IMG_20170526_140823_935

2. No Contracts!!

We do not offer contracts! Gyms make you sign contracts which makes you feel obligated to their services. We do not like making anyone feel obligated to be with us, we want you to come because you love us! We do offer package pricing to help our loyal customers save money!

No contracts also goes for our instructors! We feel our instructors should be with us because they love us too! No obligations!

3. Independent Instructors!

All of our instructors have different specialties and we really want to let them shine! We give our instructors the space and they provide a class designed their way. Each instructor is different and just like our yoga practice, our teachings are unique and always growing and changing.Screenshot_2017-04-06-19-34-32

4. Our studio offers Kids and Teen Classes!

Many other places do not offer regular Kids and Teen yoga classes. We offer weekly classes with a certified instructor that specializes in Children and Teen yoga to give the Children and Teens of our community the benefits of yoga and meditation!IMG_20170503_150907_432

5. Weekly Guided Meditations!

Our friend Kalden, from Keajra Kandampa Buddhist Center comes up once a week to offer a $5 guided meditation. This class is perfect for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.  They will be taking a break for the summer to go abroad, but will return the second week in August!Meditation class pic

We welcome all questions and comments! Feel free to contact us at 8monkeysyoga@gmail.com Come check out our studio and meet our instructors. If you are interested in taking a class you can register here Namaste!