We offer private yoga classes and some group classes. All classes are offsite. We come to you! We have Live Online classes as well as private in person classes, so location isnt an issue. Enjoy our classes in the privacy of your own home. Our group classes are taught at specific locations weather permitting. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our gatherings.


Hatha yoga a great class for all levels. It is a slow paced class that offers great relaxation and a slow flow. This is more of a traditional yoga cthat focuses on the alignment of postures, deep breathing, and mindfulness. *ALL LEVELS

Family Yoga-This is a great way for families to come together have fun and learn how to use yoga and meditation. Have fun playing games, relaxing and breathing together.


We will be offering a way to get out of your monkey mind and feel refreshed and clear. Create a meditation practice to help deal with the stresses in your life. *ALL LEVELS

Preschool Yoga-

Ages 2-5 will enjoy a half an hour of fun with songs, books, toys, yoga poses and more!

Kids Yoga-

Our kids yoga is designed special for kids age 5-10. We teach kids all aspects of yoga all while having fun with songs, games and activities! We offer a safe and fun environment for the kids to come play and learn valuable tools that they can take with them in their everyday lives.

Preteen Yoga-

This is great for middle school age students. They will learn not just the physical side of yoga, but will also learn breath work to help alleviate anxiety and how to take their yoga with them off the mat. Ages 10-13

Hatha HITT

This yoga style brings the power of the Sun and Moon together with a Ying Yang style designed to combine relaxation and release alongside High Intensity Interval Training. This will give you the best of both worlds. Register to receive the benefits and results of this take on Yoga Shred ™. *NOT FOR BEGINNERS