Outside Classes-

The weather is getting warmer and we want to take advantage of that. We will be moving our Saturday morning classes outside weather permitting. If the weather is not favorable we will resume in the studio!

The Waterfront park is located at the end of Mellen St. Just before the bridge. There is on street parking. If you want to k ow if we will be outside that morning feel free to contact us!



Online Live Classes-


Our Studio is now offering online live classes . This is a great way to take our studio with you to the office, home and on the road! For more information about this please email us at

Girl and Boy Scout Yoga Classes-

Our studio specializes in kids yoga. We love sharing our yoga with all ages and the community. Scouts has been a big part of our lives and we continue to support the scouts by offering patches and classes. Price for the class is $7. Payment made by cash or credit will be due the day of the class. Patch is included.

Registration is required !

Register Here

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