Awakening the Divine Feminine-



Rediscover your inner goddess in this 6 week yoga class. Are you feeling drained, like you are just going through the motions or like a shell of that vibrant woman you used to be? This class uses Kundalini and Tantra yoga techniques to get you reconnected to that creative, dynamic woman you are! Registration is required for all 6 weeks. This holds your spot in this class. No walk-ins!!

Girl and Boy Scout Yoga Classes

Our studio specializes in kids yoga. We love sharing our yoga with all ages and the community. Scouts has been a big part of our lives and we continue to support the scouts by offering patches and classes. Price for the class is $7. Payment made by cash or credit will be due the day of the class. Patch is included.

Registration is required !

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.