Sandi, Owner 300 YT/ Kay certified/Reiki Master

I was introduced to yoga in a church basement at the age of 11. As a teenager, I used the benefits of the poses to help keep me flexible and strong during sports seasons. A few years ago I was on my mat at home when my  son, at the time 1, joined me. From that moment on I include my son and daughters in my practice. It has been such a rewarding bonding experience and I became certified to teach not only adults(Hatha Yoga), but I specialize in kids yoga! Before teaching kids I have never had more fun doing something I love. It is a fast paced, fun filled, exhausting part of my day. I am grateful for all the love and support along the way. Thank you to my family and Jenn from Hampton Yoga Studio who gave me the opportunity to teach my classes my way and bring kids yoga to our local children!


I am a beginning certified Svaroopa yoga instructor. I found Svaroopa yoga as a practice to heal my body from years of activity and over use. Svaroopa training has provided me with vitality, strength, flexibility, and a new understanding of what support and release means for my body. Svaroopa yoga is based on “Core Release” or spinal decompression, using precise alignments to create an inner opening from tail to top. You will move without forcing or straining, supporting your body with props and alignments that will release tensions along the spine. This is not a hard exercise practice, but rather a gentle and supportive way for your body to move at your own pace so that you can experience how support equals release. Every class has breath work and deep relaxation, and we will work in themes to help you develop your own daily practice, taking your yoga into daily life so that you can release your own spine.

I am available for private yoga sessions. Contact me at 757-810-0656
Suzanne- 200RYT


I first discovered Yoga while studying dance as a college student. Not only did I love the physical aspects that supported my flexibility and improved my balance, but I immediately connected to a deeper sense of myself. I have been on a winding and spiraling path of discovery ever since. I completed my 200hr RYT training in 2009 and studied Ayurveda in 2013. I believe Yoga can have something beneficial for everyone. I have had the opportunity to teach Hatha, Vinyasa, children’s and Chair Yoga in a variety of settings. I am currently studying Mental Health Counseling and Dance/ Movement Therapy at Lesley University. I am inspired to find the edges where asana, mantra, meditation and movement meet to support and enhance our practice.



JT Wallace 200RYT




I was introduced to yoga through a fitness DVD back in 2009 as an alternative to going to the gym. Although I was focused on the physical benefits initially, I began to become more in tune with the breathing as well as the body and mind connection. The more I practiced over the years the less I was focused on gym style fitness and started sharing the benefits with friends and family. I also began to absorb the holistic approach to yoga and around the same time i became a certified Holistic Life Coach in 2017. Less than a year later I completed the Integral Yoga RYT200 teacher training at Yogaville. I might be new to teaching but I am not new to caring about the well being of others. Balance of the mind body and soul is my life path and I use yoga everyday to maintain that balance. I will use my certifications to give selfless service to others so they can do the same because we are all connected. Peace and positive vibes to all!